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Valentwines (ebook)

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14 Tales of Romance That Didn’t Quite Go As Planned

Stories included are:

CHOCOLATES - The salesman was persuasive, the samples delicious, and the price was where Melvin couldn’t turn down buying a box.

BUBBLE BATH - Chet decided drawing her a hot bubble bath and ordering in some Chinese food would make for a perfect night.

DICE - A little love play based on a set of "romance dice" sounded like just thing to spice up their marriage.

ROMANTIC MOVIE - Word on the street was that it was the perfect movie for a date night.

STRAWBERRIES AND CHAMPAGNE - It was something different, which was why Lewis chose to spring this gift on Stacia.

MOTEL ROOM - It was their chance to get away for the night—no kids, no worries.

ROSE - He was dead broke, but fortune helped him find a way to get her the rose she wanted.

DINNER OUT - They were looking forward to celebrating the holiday at the exclusive restaurant.

JEWELRY - The heart-shaped earrings had to be real diamonds.

BREAKFAST IN BED – Callen’s brother had a great idea, including what to fix.

CARD - Travis couldn’t find one that expressed how much he really loved her.

NIGHTIE - It was sheer, sexy-looking, and they had her size.

PET - Hale swore they’d never have one, no matter how much his wife wanted it.

GIFT CARD - Kevin was stumped on what to get his wife, until he found the perfect solution.

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Valentwines (ebook)

0 ratings
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